Lorenz equation example

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Here is another example, the familar strange attractor of the Lorenz equations:

The above is NOT from simpleSVG. Rather, it is an example of what gnuplot is capable of.

Above is a plot of a x(t),y(t) and z(t). The projection in the (x,z) plane is plotted. But suppose you want also to plot information about y(t) on a two-dimensional plot. One possibility is to represent the value of y with a color: shading from blue for negative towards red for positive. However, the familiar plotting programs might not give you these sort of capabilities. You might need to make such a plot from graphics primitives:

The above is the PNG conversion of an SVG plotted using simpleSVG. y(t) is indicated by the color, with red positive and blue negative.

Here are the scripts to make the plots of the attractor: