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2013-10-20Is Music the Key to Success? http://t.co/jkxLYpDswN
2013-10-19On Glowing Pickles and Undiscovered Galaxies: Student STEM Contest Winners http://t.co/xPl6mtCaRT
2013-10-17The European Atrocity You Never Heard About http://t.co/RRcM8taJub via @chronicle
2013-10-16The shutdown: Why we get government by entitlement | The Economist http://t.co/6mygDI8Y0N
2013-10-11Shoji Sayaka Plays Sibelius Violin Concerto in D minor, op.47: http://t.co/quhhyNcK4l via @youtube
2013-10-07Vive la Revolution MOOC http://t.co/HE0zgopAIu via @chronicle
2013-10-02A better way to die http://t.co/VNWylUxxGq via @TheWeek
2013-09-23Take It From an Ex-Journalist: Adapt or Die http://t.co/JJ4DELtVNw via @chronicle
2013-09-23A Capella Science - Bohemian Gravity!: http://t.co/IQDWvOZfbI via @youtube (Wow! Amazing!)
2013-09-17PHD Comics: The Cult of Academia http://t.co/cAg9QJGKxw via @phdcomics
2013-09-16BREAKING: IPCC AR5 report to dial back climate sensitivity http://t.co/1rVX9c7mRc via @wattsupwiththat
2013-08-25Book Discussion on [What Every American Needs to Know About the Qur'an] - C-SPAN Video Library http://t.co/bLAxXt86h1 via @cspanvl
2013-08-17Via @nprbooks: Sedaris and Crumpet the Elf: A Holiday Tradition http://t.co/mbgDLPmvUw
2013-08-10Ten Simple Things You Can Do to Be Happier, Backed by Science http://t.co/3Bw2nZY9jG
2013-07-24Relationship Advice I Wish I'd Heard Before Getting Divorced http://t.co/HzgKz0DaDr
2013-07-03Teaching and technology: E-ducation | The Economist http://t.co/bHz5dROXYr
2013-06-28Can Government Play Moneyball? - John Bridgeland and Peter Orszag - The Atlantic http://t.co/VcJnxcPvu1
2013-06-18Forget MOOCs--Let's Use MOOA http://t.co/WCPU4sfDVh via @sharethis
2013-06-07MOOCs, Robots, and the Secret of Life http://t.co/GV0jjwZBUN via @newamerica (I had a very similar experience with the MOOC 7.00x)
2013-06-04We're All to Blame for MOOCs http://t.co/dMMBCzeEOQ via @chronicle
2013-05-29About working in overcrowded labs: http://t.co/htEPMhOW2O
2013-05-19John Steinbeck on Falling in Love: A 1958 Letter | Brain Pickings http://t.co/ZlNkEdxLRq via @brainpicker
2013-05-12Key to good health: eat a high-fat diet. http://t.co/M6KoigEHLO
2013-05-08More on the 'pause' http://t.co/TeIw1g7BQe via @wordpressdotcom (pause in global warming)
2013-05-06Diagnosing Dr. Biden | National Review Online http://t.co/AzC7EulNZc , Dr. Fiedler agrees!
2013-05-05Selingo's new book dissects the "decay" of modern-day higher education http://t.co/TIu0a18GmL via @washingtonpost
2013-04-30BBC News - Cern re-creating first web page to revere early ideals http://t.co/5WWerwrBeg (see readers' comments)
2013-04-27I just watched: #MrToilet from the @FocusFwdFilms Series. Powerful 3-Minute Documentary now at http://t.co/VpARMLYnZD
2013-04-23Inside North Korea BBC Panorama News Programme: http://t.co/VXrwZoCBmF via @youtube
2013-04-22Panoramic pictures in the wikipedia: https://t.co/0chmvfI0Re
2013-04-17Past predictions for the future. Here is weather control: http://t.co/8byxlTLouc This too: http://t.co/Q9oQFzzPDL
2013-04-14#TED playlist: Bill Gates: My 13 favorite talks http://t.co/nhdAWxIqtW
2013-04-08Late-season freeze sets Baltic ice record - The Local: http://t.co/kTgvuHcaJf via @TheLocalSweden
2013-04-05PHD Comics: Circular logic http://t.co/4OqjlQWeeR via @phdcomics
2013-04-01BBC News - Why do radiologists miss dancing gorillas? http://t.co/qSanvWxuSV
2013-03-30Former Atlanta Schools Chief Is Charged in Testing Scandal http://t.co/WlhnGlhNXb
2013-03-27Bjorn Lomborg: Green Cars Have a Dirty Little Secret http://t.co/iaoJOOgQNQ via @WSJ
2013-03-24Smithsonian Magazine 2012 Photography Contest: 50 Finalists http://t.co/uLi2nUgWKd via @BostonDotCom
2013-03-20Interactive 3-D images: http://t.co/4i3SuWNAwL #jmol
2013-03-16One photographer's journey inside Iran http://t.co/SXw6zA0FxW via @BostonDotCom
2013-03-12The wizards of VIM (it's a text editor). http://t.co/uRSfVRwE0o
2013-03-08Starting my 3rd edx course: https://t.co/CX8hRORiUp First lecture has captured my interest. The Professor is very famous and smart.
2013-03-07South Korea: http://t.co/iSW2jO8yv7 , North Korea: http://t.co/LVBUpDPeW5
2013-03-04Obama's Lopsided Education Policy http://t.co/YyGZ3SbtPl via @reason
2013-03-03Amazingly Revealing Macro Photos of the Human Eye - My Modern Metropolis http://t.co/R0gLIsxD3R via @mymodernmet
2013-03-02solves rubik's cube while juggling it: http://t.co/SIdxMqdq64 via @youtube
2013-02-28Course Syllabi by Famous Authors - The Atlantic (scan forward to Galchen, daughter of SoM Prof Tzvi Galchen) http://t.co/2cYhI9Sa5D
2013-02-26"Winter weather" http://t.co/kNPYkYUxfe via @BostonDotCom (wonderful photos at "The Big Picture")
2013-02-17video from Bob Tisdale explains The Impact of Manmade Global Warming on a Blizzard Called Nemo and on Hurricane Sandy http://t.co/WBipzBl1
2013-02-16Can anyone do DIY tech? http://t.co/4AxYStlW (Should DIY tech be a required Meteorology course?)
2013-02-14Disruption guru Christensen: Why Apple, Tesla, VCs, academia may die http://t.co/DdHbGVdj
2013-02-10I just watched: #ContendersDoc from the @FocusFwdFilms Series. Powerful 3-Minute Documentary now at http://t.co/vZOhFolz
2013-02-03http://t.co/7PB4dfRI led me to http://t.co/JcBpyId6 and to this movie http://t.co/saCyNfpo .
2013-02-03http://t.co/eN2gNOTZ - Is HostMonster Down Right Now? http://t.co/7iFajIAS At the time of my tweeting, the answer is yes.
2013-01-3110 Amazing Black And White Photos Of Vintage New York http://t.co/SEDU8fEd via @buzzfeed
2013-01-25Let's worry about something other than global warming. BBC News - Antibiotic 'apocalypse' warning http://t.co/QqcDDajT
2013-01-245 College Classes You'll Wish You Could Take http://t.co/gAFtd95Z via @mashable
2013-01-22About insults: http://t.co/d3yEBbU3
2013-01-21ScienceCasts: Comet of the Century: http://t.co/zpjbWQK8 via @youtube
2013-01-20Finished my 2nd MOOC. Contemplating one of these next: http://t.co/Qd66nxOi or https://t.co/UfFtzyas
2013-01-18Why do mathematicians (and/or programmers) describe information passed to a function as an 'argument'? http://t.co/Cgcd82hd
2013-01-17Waves of Arctic Air into Next Week http://t.co/31c01Vth (the Sudden Stratospheric Warming thing...)
2013-01-15I just watched: #FirewithFire from the @FocusFwdFilms Series. Powerful 3-Minute Documentary now at http://t.co/T2Y2DvkZ
2013-01-09BBC News - US oil production 'to jump by a quarter by 2014' http://t.co/pKW5lpDr
2013-01-07The Kid Should See This. http://t.co/WzpNQGaJ
2012-12-30Meet some of the awesome people who make Wikipedia: http://t.co/s8rTyGRP via @youtube
2012-12-29Candy Chang: Before I die I want to... http://t.co/wdpXoUiE #TED
2012-12-25Caffeine!! - Bite Sci-zed http://t.co/5MHU9Y5o (a short TEDed video)
2012-12-24Open Letter to the President: Physics Education http://t.co/TRHueEmM via @sharethis #TED-ed
2012-12-23Maz Jobrani: A Saudi, an Indian and an Iranian walk into a Qatari bar … http://t.co/q6jojPvq #TED
2012-12-22Shimon Schocken: The self-organizing computer course http://t.co/3YUKY81D #TED (1 TED talk per day for me during the break)
2012-12-182012 Year in Pictures: Part I http://t.co/9O3vmKDQ via @BostonDotCom (comments are worth reading too)
2012-12-11Saying No to College http://t.co/2T1c9jL7 (but read the readers' comments too...after your final exams are over)
2012-12-10Cliff Mass Weather Blog: Rebuilding the National Weather Service http://t.co/JiY9rweU
2012-12-08"Far more significant than the gender gap is the marriage gap." Interesting interpretation of election results. http://t.co/bYiiv2a3
2012-12-06BBC News - Suomi satellite pictures Earth in black http://t.co/2pSXg2wr
2012-12-05Berenice Abbott's Minimalist Black-and-White Science Imagery, 1958-1960 | Brain Pickings http://t.co/9IEAR2iT via @brainpicker
2012-12-03Economics - "Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else" - Book TV http://t.co/osCmFGz8
2012-12-02The Kid Should See This. http://t.co/n2pP0JXB
2012-11-29Students aren't the only ones cheating - some professors are, too. http://t.co/VHd6tMG9
2012-11-27Is a sudden stratospheric warming imminent? http://t.co/YpBaSQuu ... Monitor the latest forecast at my http://t.co/NiGuyScf
2012-11-23For those interested in education, Salman Khan discusses his recent book on Book TV http://t.co/UQSbNUKR
2012-11-19Black Friday Bargains! ( comic) http://t.co/PmdMjkwj
2012-11-16Cliff Mass Weather Blog: Meteorological Triumph with a Warning http://t.co/okN35KGV
2012-11-12Oklahoma in education news: http://t.co/OZ9vAmuV
2012-11-11A Basketball Fairy Tale in Middle America http://t.co/PTxG12V0 (scan forward to "Meteorologist")
2012-11-10The single best graph on what’s driving our deficits http://t.co/pikcSngD
2012-11-08The quants and their statistical models were correct: http://t.co/ShRsCaQM
2012-11-05The Year of the MOOC http://t.co/KqYCnl2P
2012-11-01McIntyre's triumph over Gergis, Karoly, and Mann http://t.co/7Y9pBnEm via @wattsupwiththat (no comment from me... just FYI)
2012-10-29Interesting clickable, rollover graphic: Over the Decades, How States Have Shifted http://t.co/MTdNQr2K
2012-10-28Dr. Michael Mann, who "was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize" picks a fight: http://t.co/PwoNGZIm http://t.co/vsGOZUTT
2012-10-26Cliff Mass Weather Blog: A More Perfect Storm Will Strike the Midlatlantic ... http://t.co/P1pqbCXT
2012-10-24Scenes From World War II Photoshopped Onto Today's Streets - Rebecca J. Rosen - The Atlantic http://t.co/6RDEU9ph
2012-10-21Cliff Mass Weather Blog: Funnel and Waterspout Seen Near Everett (and "jokes" about Oklahoma) http://t.co/k9PzNtpO
2012-10-19Water is a blue substance: http://t.co/MIWN6tBT , and here is a nice example: http://t.co/fvXuu7Yz (from these http://t.co/Rniaw7dG)
2012-10-17BBC News - 30 of your Britishisms used by Americans http://t.co/gspsVhsh
2012-10-15BBC: Which direction does water drain at the equator? http://t.co/Rw2vLNBn (Well, at least the BBC dismisses it as a "load of rubbish")
2012-10-12Carbon, much maligned and misunderstood: http://t.co/4EhKFkjG
2012-10-12Deserted Beaird Lounge. Nice place to read WSJ. http://t.co/AVGfBCxK
2012-10-10What's One Thing You Wish You Had Learned in School? http://t.co/JZvtWCsu via @99u
2012-10-08BBC News - Scientists blame warmer Atlantic for wet summers http://t.co/JmFnnR0b
2012-10-0740th anniversary of a funny movie. Woody Allen trying to get a date: http://t.co/gPUAJlhg
2012-10-06We will miss our CO2 when it is gone: http://t.co/JsuZfUFw
2012-10-01Photos of people interacting with hurricanes and typhoons: http://t.co/DDBrY5Bl
2012-09-29Berkeley Earth video representation of the land surface temperature anomaly, 1800 to the present. http://t.co/yNGmZcF8
2012-09-28"More Teaching Is Not Always Better", and other quantitative facts about primary and secondary education: http://t.co/ylGiA0uV
2012-09-27Obama vs. Romney on energy http://t.co/sAzSWeyD (good article, but note confusion of wind power capacity with production)
2012-09-24The Graph That Should Accompany Every Article About Millennials and Economics: http://t.co/w4WLaiED
2012-09-23Why we tweet: http://t.co/VFd0U49b
2012-09-22What if a rainstorm dropped all of its water in a single giant drop? http://t.co/4XeA7Tgd
2012-09-21Student nightmare: http://t.co/Y9QbPWC2
2012-09-18Who Owns the U.S. National Debt? Summer 2012 Edition http://t.co/zByD0PSW via @sharethis
2012-09-16Nice pix: Harvest http://t.co/dme1UjBp via @BostonDotCom
2012-09-12BBC News - Five Minutes With: Ben Goldacre http://t.co/QlRE4zuh
2012-09-07A book review, concise and straight to the point: http://t.co/XatyYZ0R
2012-09-05OU will be adopting "holistic admissions" for Fall 2013. Here is what it does for Harvard: http://t.co/837m5HgP
2012-09-03my slide show of "Rainfall in months, averaged from 1948-2010" http://t.co/oyO3eRvs
2012-09-02NYTimes: Bugging Out http://t.co/J1bQT5nO
2012-09-02my exercise in global warming prediction using Modtran: http://t.co/VtymZSKk
2012-08-30WolframAlpha - land area of earth divided by human population http://t.co/1igMz4KT via @sharethis
2012-08-28Prof. Clifford Mass on "The Benefits of Tropical Storms and Hurricanes": http://t.co/BH1WMfs8
2012-08-26"Battery Performance Deficit Disorder" http://t.co/05sV3SDc ("Do the math" is a wonderful blog ... a new time sink for me)
2012-08-24Animation of GFDL CM 2.6 Ocean Simulation. Amazing! http://t.co/0w0ymf54
2012-08-21"Too Many College Students? Yes, Unfortunately" by Peter Wood. http://t.co/HL3Y66gh
2012-08-19Wolf Spider in my garden, carrying egg case and young. http://t.co/366AFZHH
2012-08-17Dear followers, http://t.co/D0eJ13Hm. Anybody want to take 6.00x and/or CS169.1x with me? https://t.co/OPzFDqoD
2012-08-17Take Back Sustainability ("Let’s get the politics out of academic study of sustainability.") http://t.co/5nA45Kv4
2012-08-16Prof. Clifford Mass critiques article by Dr. James Hansen: http://t.co/fWwUNyB3
2012-08-15Mesonet | Consecutive Days with Less than 0.10 inches http://t.co/54Sbx5nX via @pinterest
2012-08-13Drought and Deluge in the Lower 48 http://t.co/Uvmg4SRm (nifty drought graphic from 1895 to present)
2012-08-12RedLaser is a really useful iphone app: http://t.co/92KlqyIM
2012-08-10"Gold Medal" Celebration at JPL for Curiosity landing: http://t.co/W0HFux8r (9 minute video)
2012-08-08NYTimes: Carbon Credits Gone Awry Raise Output of Harmful Gas http://t.co/f63XIS5h
2012-08-04Decoding the Science of Sleep http://t.co/bEYkqEsD #WSJ #iPhone
2012-08-02Researchers plan first extensive U.S. study looking for link between cities and storms https://t.co/AvhCXS7K
2012-07-29Is Algebra Necessary? http://t.co/ApnOyC91 Let's scutinize the meteorology curriculum too, with an eye to improving productivity.
2012-07-28Momentous day for me. I have finished my upgrades for http://t.co/AURQSokp (but not really finished, it is never really finished ...)
2012-07-24I was one of the 7,157: http://t.co/n1Y8NIGO The future of higher education, IMO.
2012-07-23Handbook for Dormitory Women, 1960s & Residence Hall Contract, 2012 http://t.co/YqApIoiN
2012-07-21Working or Playing Indoors, New Yorkers Face an Unabated Roar http://t.co/ldD15KaG (Norman, Oklahoma has this problem too)
2012-07-2011 Months, 3000 pictures and a lot of coffee.: http://t.co/WDWbnSj6 via @youtube
2012-07-19Top Five Regrets of The Dying http://t.co/k5eBBs0o via @Exposing4Truth (Which ones will be yours?)
2012-07-18Curiosity's Seven Minutes of Terror - http://t.co/U1Tnev4B (about the upcoming 5 August 2012 Mars landing)
2012-07-18Death Valley Low of 107 (41.7ºC) Sets Record For The Planet! - Dan's Wild Wild Science Journal - AGU Blogosphere: http://t.co/kbbnuHMg
2012-07-16wave forms http://t.co/3HGgTt7P via @pinterest
2012-07-15Japanese spider crab molting its shell. http://t.co/ykcgOXPX
2012-07-12Discovered this last week: http://t.co/3ZYxUKkw . Together with the iphone app, it is proving to be very useful to me.
2012-07-08A time series I plotted today. Percent of Western US in drought, year 800 thru 2003. http://t.co/kvJ5uXhA
2012-07-07Week in review 7/6/12 http://t.co/6ebsAfUE Note plug for Harold Brooks @hebrooks87 !
2012-07-01Does Rain Come From Life in the Clouds? How do you microphysics experts rank this article: http://t.co/r4HiCKOf
2012-06-30NWS forecasts cold weather for Norman Oklahoma! http://t.co/Z6kiq5Go
2012-06-29From Prof. Curry's blog: Science held hostage in climate debate http://t.co/hdZ0VRwF
2012-06-265 Graduate Degrees That Don't Pay Off: number 6 is Atmospheric sciences and meteorology! http://t.co/lgzpLNnk
2012-06-25Tomorrow is the 49th anniversary of "Ich bin ein Berliner" . Watch and listen: http://t.co/3HT0L78j
2012-06-24Rio’s Unsustainable Nonsense by Jagdish Bhagwati - Project Syndicate via @ProSyn #oped http://t.co/BbQ3EudT
2012-06-23You Are Not Special Commencement Speech from Wellesley High School: http://t.co/ydnKwM6G via @youtube
2012-06-23Against Positive Thinking: Uncertainty as the Secret of Happiness http://t.co/QDchLsx1 via @youtube
2012-06-17My latest creation: JJA summer rainfall anomalies in US, 1948-2010. http://t.co/0PNHEx7Q
2012-06-14My latest creation, a slide show of monthly rainfall across the US: http://t.co/PTOYiAlx
2012-06-12George Will: Subprime college educations - The Washington Post http://t.co/Xk6tF4lG
2012-06-10Are you gettng good value from your tuition dollars? This graphic summarizes the predicament: http://t.co/8iWb4pEc
2012-06-07What we did not see through the clouds: http://t.co/ugTo9SeL
2012-06-03David MacKay: A reality check on renewables http://t.co/6Pwto0mc #TED
2012-06-02Transit of Venus: I will be on the NWC observation deck at 5pm CDT, with solar goggles to share. Why it's cool: http://t.co/Keg6pzWi
2012-05-27Joplin tornado: One year later http://t.co/yd8W0Yr7 via @BostonDotCom
2012-05-26NYT Readers responded with a variety of wild organisms, large and small. Welcome to Our Backyard: http://t.co/vCmWnU8N
2012-05-21Do You Want the Good News First? http://t.co/JzouUHEF
2012-05-20RSA Animate - Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us: http://t.co/MM0YOzMw via @youtube
2012-05-18Where do trees come from? http://t.co/Ov62HVJM (from http://t.co/n8Pauqw8 )
2012-05-14(Features James Ladue and others!) Decoding – and chasing – supercells with the experts - http://t.co/zMMW1A4q http://t.co/qnAGluAt
2012-05-12Food and nutrition crisis in Sahel region of Africa, photos: http://t.co/87sy0UWM
2012-05-10Prince Charles gives a weather briefer for Scotland: http://t.co/bGk956Iq ... I can't beat that!
2012-05-09The Campus Tsunami: http://t.co/6ijTD2o2 , and I recommend you read some of the Comments.
2012-05-08My Bering Sea Bomb ( http://t.co/kr6zY3lg ) "d prog / dt" with the GFS archive: http://t.co/9lryPbcs
2012-05-06Best seminar ever on "Global Warming" (and other issues): http://t.co/cgoHL5FV Click the watch button to view onlne.
2012-05-06The Campus Tsunami http://t.co/Dwrlt5a8
2012-05-03Pavarotti: "Nessun Dorma" : http://t.co/vvQ6eqrP
2012-05-01I have always wondered how wind turbines were erected. This looks too easy: http://t.co/ZnGt5qvO I hope it is real!
2012-04-29About the online course I am taking, MITx: What the students think http://t.co/kwvNDN9P (via @MITNews)
2012-04-27Just spent my Friday night doing the mid-term of MITx "Circuits and Electronics" http://t.co/GPqUC8uO . Enrollment is 120,000.
2012-04-25Wonderful 7 minute TED talk by Adam Savage "How Simple Ideas Lead To Scientific Discoveries" http://t.co/wyVoObkA
2012-04-21Young boy sings Schubert's Ave Maria: http://t.co/9ZVtoWWZ (sings very well, in fact)
2012-04-1835 Earth Day Pictures: http://t.co/9KtSCdzv
2012-04-16Make your plans for the transit of Venus: http://t.co/EKZ426AY . I ordered some solar goggles: http://t.co/vvLpC6II
2012-04-15Les Choristes Caresse sur l'océan (au palais des Congres): http://t.co/FiH5BsVV via @youtube
2012-04-14Susan Cain: the power of introverts http://t.co/G7CpwAc1 (a TED talk)
2012-04-12Primary sin of renewable energy reporting is confusing "capacity" with "production": http://t.co/MSwkjd2H http://t.co/Fg904TQA
2012-04-10A Storm-Chaser Who's Looked Straight Into a Tornado's Heart (Josh Wurman, according to Discover Magazine): http://t.co/TK4uLZNB
2012-04-08I just had a "light-bulb" event today: http://t.co/yK0UhuTL
2012-04-05Robin Schlotz (14 years old) is singing "Queen of the Night": http://t.co/ULNJgbpl via @youtube
2012-04-04National Nexrad Mosaic April 3 - April 4 http://t.co/2Wh0ojwT
2012-03-31My latest efforts in dynamic web pages. The show starts here: http://t.co/bbK07Bix
2012-03-30Mathematically Correct Breakfast (How to Slice a Bagel into Two Linked Halves) http://t.co/uP9TOmKb
2012-03-29http://t.co/sRx2VjAs ... and here is my latest effort with python, javascript and html: http://t.co/lK72Hj5l
2012-03-28Britains got talent 2011 Jackie Evancho performs in the show: http://t.co/lF3QPSi3 via @youtube
2012-03-26LOL. Storm chasing comic: http://t.co/MmtstVyr
2012-03-25Please forward to high school seniors and university freshmen, before it is too late: http://t.co/R3y3DxB9
2012-03-23My nexrad python script is available for your perusal and enjoyment: http://t.co/9O7PPxDT . A new demo too!
2012-03-22Physicists and engineers can be the harshest critics of the global warming movement: http://t.co/9rs6vR4z http://t.co/NVvDs9Kj
2012-03-19Can't live with 'em ... can't live without 'em: http://t.co/9rPXpZ0U
2012-03-18BBC News - BBC film crew chase tornado in Colorado http://t.co/bks0F2wN ... LOL
2012-03-17My latest Python creation, using PIL and numpy, to plot Level II data ...fast! http://t.co/vEWePwmQ
2012-03-16Fractal Journey. "In memory of Benoit Mandelbrot" http://t.co/Jj8TPPrH
2012-03-15Fortuitous storm "chasing" in Mali: http://t.co/4VhE4Ees
2012-03-14Lightning strike in Toronto. http://t.co/exFFxfle
2012-03-13McGurn: Bill Maher's 'Fatwa' http://t.co/7Oxt58W8 via @WSJ
2012-03-12New Yorker animated cartoon: http://t.co/3O33A5iT
2012-03-11My METR 3113 students enjoyed this musical video "Mathmaticious " : http://t.co/TFOwEGyA
2012-03-09Himalayan glaciers ... losing mass up to 10 times less quickly than once feared: http://t.co/qWGzk1Bc . Factor of 10 is a big error!
2012-03-08Japan tsunami pictures: before and after http://t.co/8af6x3pV via @BostonUpdate
2012-03-07The Most Astounding Fact (Neil DeGrasse Tyson): http://t.co/Fpmvpavm via @youtube
2012-03-06Reed Timmer presents at TEDxOU. Note plug for Fiedler at 14 minute mark! http://t.co/MNGJDNy0
2012-03-05"Tuning in to dropping out" Chronicle of Higher Education http://t.co/pfrFapBu
2012-03-04My home-grown animation of the national radar mosaic, 20120228 - 20120303 http://t.co/PKQ1739N
2012-03-02"Wall Street steps in when Ivy League fails" http://t.co/v6mDrgKS via @readability
2012-03-01Ken Parker On How Community + Technology Enhances Education, a TEDxOU presentation from January 27, 2012: http://t.co/OAiqT1B9
2012-02-27View the award-winning documentary "Inside Job", and you will know why this is needed: http://t.co/RItsgIwT
2012-02-25A former lobbyist tells all: http://t.co/43yyLcRj
2012-02-24I like these quotes: http://t.co/Xm8FPEoK
2012-02-23I think I need to learn how to make audio slideshows for educational purposes, like this one: http://t.co/1SyzzFKO
2012-02-22BBC News - The myth of the eight-hour sleep http://t.co/jFiPeTBA
2012-02-21Russian heat wave had both manmade and natural causes: http://t.co/em2PFGHe (and obviously killer cold winters will be less frequent)
2012-02-15Linsanity comes to the Chronicle of Higher Education: http://t.co/i0V5bCoM
2012-02-14I never did anything even remotely this great when I was a teenager: http://t.co/FGSskwJZ
2012-02-12Anatomy of a Tear-Jerker http://t.co/6oVoK0VY via @WSJ
2012-02-10BBC News - World Press Photo winner 2011 http://t.co/klzutQC3
2012-02-09The Secret Document That Transformed China http://t.co/694dmcoo (One of the most important historical events of the last 50 years?)
2012-02-08Panama City's incredible tsunami of 'wave' clouds that took over Florida coastline http://t.co/nxOtjCfe
2012-02-06Roll up your sleeves and help at the Wikipedia Atmospheric Sciences Portal: http://t.co/AxNiEgG6
2012-02-04It's Too Easy Being Green http://t.co/jEdSLYRY via @WSJ
2012-02-02I agree about climate scientists making silly statements about economics and energy: http://t.co/JmTehVLO
2012-02-01Unusual volcanic episode rapidly triggered Little Ice Age, researchers find: http://t.co/abyIJvJV
2012-01-31Is meteorology turning into computer science? http://t.co/mjr8EjMI
2012-01-30How to share and collaborate on equations: http://t.co/ilSFsRSS (but you must know LaTeX)
2012-01-29RSA Animate - The Secret Powers of Time: http://t.co/aWnqbCzp via @youtube (we watched this Friday at @TEDxOU)
2012-01-27Sixteen Concerned Scientists: No Need to Panic About Global Warming http://t.co/3CuURi9q via @WSJ
2012-01-27Meet the Marriage Killer http://t.co/692fLSSk via @WSJ
2012-01-26Via @nprnews: 'Blue Marble 2012': NASA's 'Most Amazing' High Def Image Of Earth So Far http://t.co/xAxJ7xez Enjoy the 8000x8000 version!
2012-01-24For members of the younger generation, who did not follow the "two pill" reference in my previous tweet: http://t.co/ODHBvyTm
2012-01-24I've taken the red pill too! http://t.co/bMIcRI6s
2012-01-23a PhD comic for you: http://t.co/Q6cp34Bk
2012-01-22interesting database: http://t.co/X3uzPWIq
2012-01-22Anybody seen this movie? : The PHD Movie! http://t.co/wVwYW8Rt via @phdcomics
2012-01-20Stop lecturing: http://t.co/reLrfHo4
2012-01-18@hebrooks87 Harold Brooks spills his brain in mp3 podcast episode 312 at http://t.co/Z41FfEbW
2012-01-17I signed up: http://t.co/tkNDyvSh. Signed up for game theory too.
2012-01-16And you thought quasi-geostrophic theory was amazing. A Fluid Dynamics experiment to try at home: http://t.co/gIozN43O
2012-01-15Using Python to cheat on the Daily Jumble: http://t.co/ks2hFTKi via @ideone
2012-01-14For your 2012 Year of Code aspirations: http://t.co/kHub9SUB via @ideone
2012-01-13At Academic Technology Expo in the new Gould Hall at OU http://t.co/UIPzuc16
2012-01-10Gulf oil spill forecast bust: http://t.co/wqRW0o6K
2012-01-09Employment opportunity: http://t.co/XrPzLiUV
2012-01-08In case you, or a loved one, just don't get Bayes' Theorem: http://t.co/xNSSN93h
2012-01-07For all you meteorologists, fluid dynamicists and buoyancy experts extraordinaire: http://t.co/iR2NHaCk
2012-01-06A tweet for thought: http://t.co/JO1J9bDw
2012-01-05Petunias surviving in microclimate of the south wall of my house http://t.co/jDglsCUq
2012-01-04Wikipedia article: "Misconceptions about tornadoes" http://t.co/tpQYMRa5
2012-01-03For those writing a thesis, dissertation, or article: http://t.co/q15YxRHQ LOL
2012-01-02For those who like phase changes of water: BBC Nature - 'Brinicle' ice finger of death filmed in Antarctic http://t.co/qet8tpRm
2012-01-01New Year's Resolution, understand the world better: http://t.co/qbI2QSZz
2012-01-01Sean Collins, Trusted Forecaster for Surfers, Dies at 59: http://t.co/YkQdMwAH
2012-01-01Some New Yorker videos moderately funny. I confess I laughed: http://t.co/so9w3gLk
2011-12-31Five worst op-eds of 2011 | Gene Healy | Columnists | Washington Examiner http://t.co/jBXmjoQz via @dcexaminer
2011-12-29Some trivia for those of you in a College of Atmospheric and GEOGRAPHIC sciences http://t.co/QNUSicrV
2011-12-28"The Week" magazine usually has humorous covers: http://t.co/5IUcPVIq
2011-12-27Reed Timmer to speak at TEDxOU! http://t.co/mGES42mb
2011-12-25NY Times 2011 Year in Pictures http://t.co/lumCW7Vi
2011-12-22Does the laminated structure result from folded, faraway tropical towers? http://t.co/UNFrPmwl
2011-12-21Changing a college curriculum is like moving a graveyard--you never know how many friends the d..-C.Coolidge #quote http://t.co/HI5pLRF1
2011-12-20My first photo tweet from my iphone. http://t.co/39bPfI3A
2011-12-18Check this video out -- John Lennon - Happy Xmas (War Is Over) http://t.co/5A6sNkzb via @youtube
2011-12-17@thekidshouldsee Santana at Woodstock: http://t.co/QFNeMez9
2011-12-16Check this video out -- The 2011 Hurricane Season in 4.5 minutes http://t.co/hlSAC54L via @youtube
2011-12-15Before era of online customer reviews, lots of kids ripped-off: "Top 10 Outrageous Comic Book Advertisements" http://t.co/zgqeECnu via
2011-12-14OU professor arrested on rape complaints: http://t.co/n722mYLi , http://t.co/2UznNGMM
2011-12-14IT’S understandable that many of today’s college graduates view themselves as the generation that opportunity forgot. http://t.co/Uh7ouDme
2011-12-13BBC News - Canada to withdraw from Kyoto Protocol http://t.co/wNMkQCT4 Is any country *really* going to pay the fine?
2011-12-12Schumpeter: University challenge | The Economist http://t.co/Z0ThpEnc
2011-12-11@thekidshouldsee Alexander Tsiaras: Conception to birth -- visualized #TED http://t.co/YP5u25fQ
2011-12-10Check this video out -- Climategate 'hide the decline' explained by Berkeley professor Richard A... http://t.co/Gtd3Z18w via @youtube
2011-12-09A blog post about climate journalism http://t.co/KRGKxN9u via @JudithCurry , but where do people find time to flame in > 340 responses?
2011-12-08What makes kids want to become engineers? http://t.co/jDDYTEWN
2011-12-07USA, my favorite country. Good discussion in Zuccotti park: http://t.co/7MmP0Vof
2011-12-06Science Fiction stocking stuffer for your Kindle: http://t.co/4EWeFxKC Short, smart stories.
2011-12-05I suppose we are supposed to believe that these people are so talented and irreplaceable: http://t.co/n913ozHS (yeah, right)
2011-12-04Reminder for OU faculty and staff to fill out that "external compensation disclosure" form: http://t.co/mKECnbI2
2011-12-03Where do trees get mass from? Check out the first 6 and 1/2 minutes of http://t.co/GvseZyxV
2011-12-01For your end-of-semester enjoyment: http://t.co/9DvKrxDn
2011-11-30@thekidshouldsee How far away is the moon? http://t.co/Xd5OQ5wC
2011-11-29Stephens: The Great Global Warming Fizzle http://t.co/WoQiYbaG via @WSJ
2011-11-28Student debt: http://t.co/yb5KzFAr . Geez... look at response to comment by reader "softshellcrab"
2011-11-27Feynman retrospective: http://t.co/cIQNYUkS via @youtube
2011-11-26BBC News - CO2 climate sensitivity 'overestimated' http://t.co/XkwIdGRA
2011-11-25Incredible Time-Lapse Video Gives an Astronaut’s View of Earth | Wired Science | http://t.co/rlPbZG7u http://t.co/G3OOYGzf
2011-11-22can't resist two tweets in one day: National Geographic Photo Contest 2011 - The Big Picture - http://t.co/14JYf1uI http://t.co/HZN9Suis
2011-11-22Homer's Iliad On Twitter: http://t.co/BsE6paOV
2011-11-21@zorm "The effect of a giant wind farm on precipitation in a regional climate model" http://t.co/AfpdzWXw
2011-11-20I wouldn't have guessed this: "In an island nation, living in fear of the water -" http://t.co/zzAmXiE0 via @readability
2011-11-18Toroidal vortex from Mt. Etna: http://t.co/IZycBb3X Think of it as a tornado ring. Could your NWP storm model simulate that successfully?
2011-11-17Maybe this advice is a bit late for my followers: http://t.co/RdlC3rxH
2011-11-16A plug for Robert Oscar Lopez: http://t.co/yoSRkX11
2011-11-13As Kindle owner, I read lots of 1st chapters for free. Try this: "Rights Gone Wrong: How..." from http://t.co/e0oqqYoL http://t.co/UFehpoDJ
2011-11-11I just reviewed: 'Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World' by Michael Lewis via @amazon http://t.co/VeWHgayW
2011-11-09A climate sceptic speaks: http://t.co/fJvsPqT5
2011-11-06Big Picture committed to 1 picture = 1000 words: http://t.co/etaJ5lR5
2011-11-04The revenge of the unemployed graduates: http://t.co/fGCLXodu
2011-11-01McGurn: What's Your Kid Getting From College? http://t.co/R1MKsk2n via @WSJ
2011-10-31Who would want to travel to a lecture hall when you can have one of these http://t.co/trxrIgbb ?
2011-10-29Science of sociology applied to Chinese toddler death: http://t.co/zMMW1A4q http://t.co/evf11ywK
2011-10-27Monty Hall problem. Letting go of misconceptions is difficult: http://t.co/xLkgUotC. Still don't get it? http://t.co/yDGgQ4PI
2011-10-26Does your university have vranyo? http://t.co/0Abpouc5
2011-10-25Prequisite for processing applications for admission to graduate programs: http://t.co/JeU4UVby. Caution with character reference letters.
2011-10-24OWS becomes invitation-only conference for elite academics. See list in: http://t.co/bAYaCc6B What about the other 99%?
2011-10-23Walter Lewin | Author Revealed at Simon & Schuster: http://t.co/DQxZ4X5b via @AddThis
2011-10-22Check this video out -- Liquid Helium II the superfluid (part 3 The superfluid has zero viscosity) http://t.co/VYe0Rdzq via @youtube
2011-10-21@pickover Perhaps the 1999 entry for "The Physics Book" should have been: Prof. Walter Lewin goes global. http://t.co/j86fHc8w
2011-10-21Prof. Walter Lewin's last lecture: http://t.co/R402DOuw . Here is the story: http://t.co/j86fHc8w .
2011-10-20Haven't figured out OWS yet, but this is rather disillusioning: http://t.co/9k8fbT0Y
2011-10-192010 "Iron Law" http://t.co/fWgUCqfo in action in 2011: http://t.co/zWYjGifh
2011-10-18Portsmouth sinfonia http://t.co/2NkENq5o is perhaps an example of incongruity theory: http://t.co/ijxtWzeJ
2011-10-17Megacryometeors video: http://t.co/FRD8Mecm Am I supposed to reject the evidence for megacryometeors just because I cannot explain it?
2011-10-17My 3rd year meteorology students watched Prof. Lewin's Lectures 27 and 28 : http://t.co/503Pvvms
2011-10-16The Bubble: Higher Education's Precarious Hold on Consumer Confidence http://t.co/gfLSslUK
2011-10-16In Weather Forecasting, Expect High Pressure http://t.co/5o4MBZtH via @WSJ, Director David Parsons is quoted here.
2011-10-16I don't know if it's prescient, but I liked the writing style. Stephens: What Comes After 'Europe'? http://t.co/eQxdZjWL via @WSJ
2011-10-16Practicing linking. Excellent BookTV program. Inspired me to read the book over the last holiday break. http://t.co/BZBGZZ5C
2011-10-16This is how I got started today: Twitter Guide Book, How To, Tips and Instructions by Mashable http://t.co/X6l65EPG